Not all soother clips are created equal.

Many baby pacifier clips on the market are made with sharp steel clips or small plastic edges that can dig in and harm a child.

But not the Comfy Clip.

The Comfy Clip was created with your baby’s safety and comfort in mind and was specifically designed with no steel clips or sharp edges. Additionally, both sides are engineered as flat as possible so that even if the clip flips over, there is no danger of injury to the child.

Cute and versatile, too!

The Comfy Clip is available in several colours, perfect for girls or boys, with a matching ribbon that can be easily removed by Mom. This allows for replacement or changing of ribbon styles, so you can create different colour combinations to match any outfit, or attach a different one to every soother.

Use it with the Learn ‘N’ Turn Baby Utensil

The Comfy Clip can also be attached to the Learn ‘N’ Turn utensil – an award-winning interchangeable baby spoon and fork that angles and adjusts to help your baby learn to feed him or herself.

To learn more about the Learn ‘N’ Turn utensil, click on the Product tab, or visit

Makes the perfect
Baby Gift!

Put a smile on every baby by giving them the safe and comfortable Comfy Clip.
And with our 100% Guarantee, you’ll put a smile on Mom’s face, too.